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Hair Salon Letter A quality salon sales letter that will help you get new clients in the door. ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Massage Letter A Massage marketing letter that is well written and attracts new clients! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Facial Letter A letter for Esthetician's to use in their marketing to attract clients and generate a following! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Nail Salon Letter An exceptional letter for nail salon owners who want manicure and pedicure business! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Day At The Spa Letter One of the untapped niches for salon and spa owners to target are business owners. Because getting employees motivated and working hard is difficult, unless your reward and recognize their efforts. And a Day At The Spa is ideal. Use this exceptional idea and letter and you'll see exceptional results! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Spa Letter This letter gets people to try one of the several spa services and treatments listed in the letter. This is great for a Spa in general or a multi-service letter. Works well in conjunction with the specific service letters (hint: send this first and then send one or several of the other letters on this page)! ~ only $5.95 Add to Cart
Airbrush Tanning Letter Gets people to try and buy your custom airbrush tanning services. It can be edited for a spray tan booth as well! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
4 Email Sequence This 4 email sequence will help you get the most clients into your salon for any sale or event you are holding. It's a must if you have a list of client emails of any size. This sequence can be easily adpated for any promotion you are having. Works well in conjunction with your direct mail and other marketing efforts! ~ only $4.95 Add to Cart
Light Therapy Letter If you are using a light therapy device like Lumiere to treat skin for wrinkles, age spots, or acne, this letter is for you! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
New Service Letter This is a great letter to send to your clients when you want to announce a new service and get them to try it. This is a must have letter for every salon and spa owner. ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Referral Letter If you want your clients to give you more referrals this letter will stimulate them so you don't have to ask them face to face! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Marketing Thank You Letter A must have letter for all salon and spa owners. One of the easiest ways to make more money is to 'Thank' your customers with a letter, and provide them something as a surprise gift. This letter is worth thousands of dollars in new business. ~ only $4.95 Add to Cart
Testimonial Request Letter If you want to get quality testimonials to use in your marketing, and you should because it boosts response to your marketing like crazy, this letter will get more testimonials than you can handle! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Salon or Spa Collection Letter It's a fact in business that some clients just don't pay, and this letter will help you recoup that money in a firm but polite manner (before you hire a collection agency try this first)! ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
EFT (Credit Card) Expiration Letter You clients credit cards expire, and if you have monthly memberships you know that when a card expires it can be a problem getting the new card information. This letter makes it easier to get the updated card so you can keep your cash flow on target. ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
EFT (Credit Card) Decline Letter When you try and charge a client who owes you money for certain products and services and it gets declined, use this letter to get that information a little bit faster. Goes hand in hand with the Expiration letter above. ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
Apology Letter Just as a thank you letter builds a stronger bond with your client, an apology letter helps you heal a broken bond. Even after you have personally apologized for a problem. And problems arise. Before you get a bad review or your client goes somewhere else, send this letter. ~ only $3.95 Add to Cart
The Complete Salon Letters Package Order the complete package of all letters today and save 35.6% ~ Instant Download Price of only $54.35 $34.95 Add to Cart

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