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From: Brian Maroevich
Salon and Spa Owner

Dear Fellow Salon and Spa Owner,

Effective salon letters are a valuable business building tool. You need to clearly get your message across to your clients and potential clients whether you are soliciting new business, thanking a client, collecting a debt, or any number of situations.

If you don't convey your message to your clients or prospective clients, and do it in a compelling way, then you have wasted an opportunity.

That's why I created SalonLetters.com. My wife and I have been in the salon and spa business for over 8 years, and we have created all kinds of salon marketing letters and forms to help us build a successful operation. salon letters

Now you can get access to the same letters that we use to:

  • Bring new clients in the door
  • Thank clients for buying our services (my thank you letters are effective at getting more business from our clients.)
  • Stimulate referrals
  • Get testimonials
  • Upsell clients
  • Collect debts
  • Email sequence (4 emails to use for any event or Holiday promotion)
  • Get updated credit card information
  • Apologize (yes, sometimes we make a mistake and a good apology letter is important)
  • And More!

A proven salon letter that you can use over and over to build you business is invaluable. And we have several for you to use or choose from, or you can get all of them at a discount

We use salon and spa letters to bring new clients in the door and to get our current clients to spend more in our business every day, and they work! Now you can use proven salon and spa letters to grow your business.

What Format Are They In?

You'll get them in Microsoft Word so that you can easily open the letters in your word processor and edit them. Or, if you want them in pdf format or some other format let us know.

How Can I Use Them?

You can use them in your direct mail marketing efforts to current clients or prospective clients, or you can take the ad copy and use them for postcards. I do not recommend the letters for email or on your website. But I do have an email sequence you can use, and it's quite effective for most events or promotions, especially when you use them in conjunction with the salon and spa letters.

If you need help setting up your email campaign let me know.

How Much Are They?

They are as little as $3.95, and as much as $7.95. But that is nothing compared to the amount of time you'll save creating and testing your own.

Click here to review our salon and spa letters now.


Brian Maroevich

PS: Normally I charge $800 - $2500 to write a sales letter for a salon or retail operation. And I charge as much as $250 per hour for consulting. You'll get instant access to a 15 salon and spa letters (and a 4 email sequence) for as little as $3.95 each. But act now because I reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

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